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The Black Line access control and time& attendance equipment is developed and produced by the Jantar company, located in Slovenia.

We have over 20 years experience in developing and manufacturing the access control, time & attendance and visitor management systems. We supply and install our systems at airports, in government buildings, financial institutions, factories, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. – practically everywhere where our clients need basic or advanced access control and time attendance systems.

We believe that interesting products can be found in our assembly line by either new or existing Jantar's partners as well as by distributors or installers who are already selling or installing the equipment of other suppliers but are looking for more functional or price effective solutions.

What really distinguishes our company from competitors is that all our software and most of our hardware solutions are developed and produced by ourselves. By the development of the Black Line, we continue to achieve improvements in quality and efficiency which results in cost savings that we are able to pass on to our clients.

We are able to develop, manufacture and provide quality solutions to meet any requirement. The results of our work are several thousand operating systems across Europe. "The Customer first'' philosophy remains at the heart of our business culture - for our customers,  this means that we are able to focus upon providing the highest quality of service.

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Jantar, elektronski sistemi, d.o.o.

Director: Mr. Grega Grušovnik
Kranjska cesta 24
SI-4202  Naklo
Slovenia (EU)

Company Number: 5470145
VAT Number: SI34737332

Phone: +386 4 277 18 10
Fax: +386 4 277 18 19
E-mail: info@jantar.si


Mr. Matjaž Brinovec
Tel: +386 4 277 18 12
Mobile: +386 31 353 453
E-mail: sales@jantar.si

International support

Tel: +386 4 277 18 13
Tel: +386 4 277 18 11
E-mail: support@jantar.si

Slovenian support

Tel: 04 277 18 13
Tel: 04 277 18 11
E-mail: podpora@jantar.si

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