Codeks Web Services - XML API

Solution to communicate with Codeks software


1. Introduction

The Codeks Web Servisec - XML API offers solution to communicate with Codeks software line using the Codeks XML API from any REST capable development solution.

2. Basic information to start

To start developing your own solution with the Codeks XML API you will need:

  • any kind of hardware from Codeks line
  • development solution (like .NET, Delphi, jQuery/HTML editors, etc.) which supports REST calls
  • any kind of Codeks Core Software


3. Web Services include

  • introduction and operation description
  • complete source code of the Codeks application user interface



1. Can I create my own client?

Yes, that's the purpose of this. You let the Codeks Software do the dirty work, you just call simple API calls using XML communication.

2. Can I use your client and modify it?

Yes, that's the purpose of this. You have the complete source code in Javascript and HTML/CSS language. You can easily add, delete or modify current client modules.

3. How do i re-sell Codeks Software licences?

You get access to our Codeks Serial Generator where you are able to generate new licences for your customers. It's a simple web application. Access Codeks Serial Generator, enter company information and click generate. Open Codeks Service Manager, enter generated licence and you are ready for calling XML API calls.

4. Can you give me a simple XML API call example?

Let's get all departments.

doXmlAjax("/access/departments/all", "", {"sessionid": getUserSessionId()}, 'getShowTakitDepartmentsAddAllDepartmentsCallback');

5. What kind of hardware is supported?

Because you are using Codeks Software, all Codeks hardware is supported. From simple readers to Finger Readers and Key managers.

6. What is the price for the Codeks?

Web services itself is a free package which comes standard when you buy our software.