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Access controllers provide connections for all peripheral devices necessary for a complete access control system. This enables the controller to recognize and identify users and control the electric locks. Access controllers provide power supply to the readers as well as backup battery charging. They also provide communication with readers and other controllers within the system, the surveillance program and other applications (alarm centrals, barriers e.t.c) to keep track of all events important to the system requirements, including all permitted data access and unauthorized attempts to access data. The objectives of an access control system are often described in terms of protecting system resources against inappropriate or undesired user access.

Access controllers are connected to each other consecutively (RS485) into a communications line; at each end there is a communications converter (Spider USB/NET) that connects, through a single line, to the computer. The length of the single communication line (the distance between the converter and the last controller in the line) must not exceed 1,000 meters.

In special cases access controllers are equipped with an integrated TCP/IP converter and may be connected directly into a local network (LAN). The integrated TCP/IP converter only supports communication of the controller in which it is installed. Additional controllers cannot be connected on this converter!

Access controllers

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