Key Management

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    • Key control and management system

      The Neo key management system can be used as a standalone unit or integrated into Jantar's access control systems, controlled by the Codeks access control software. The Neo key management system is modularly built, which means that the number of key issuing units can be adjusted to your specific needs. It is also simple to subsequently add additional key issuing units.

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    • Features

      Standalone key management system or
      key management system integrated into advanced access control systems
      Operating temperature: from +5 °C to +55 °C
      Dimensions of master and each key issuing unit: 550 x 150 x 80 mm
      IP21 - suitable for indoor installation
      Modular build for easy customisation or subsequent upgrading
      Optional backup battery
      Anti-tamper alarm

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    • Modular build

      The Neo system is comprised of individual units and this enables free customization of your key management system:
      master unit (NEO M-0-NET) with a 40 W power supply can supply power for up to 8 key issuing units, key issuing unit (NEO K-10) can house up to 10 keys, set of 10 key tags (TAGS NEO-1, TAG NEO-3-M ali TAGS NEO-3-D), a reader for user identification (connected to the master unit, must be oredered separately).

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    • Key tags

      The contactless key tags (125 kHz or 13,56 MHz) create a physical barrier against unauthorised key use and also trigger an anti-tamper alarm.

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    • Ordering codes

      Code Specification
      NEO M-0-NET Master unit with 40W power supply, for max. 8 NEO K-10 units
      * without reader for user identification – reader must be bought separately
      NEO K-10 Unit for issuing keys (for 10 keys)
      ** without key tag sets TAGS NEO-1, NEO-3-M or NEO-3-D - key tags must be bought separately
      TAG NEO-1 Set of key identification tags (125 kHz, 10 pcs.)
      TAG NEO-3-M Set of key identification tags (Mifare S50, 13,56 MHz, 10 pcs.)
      TAG NEO-3-D Set of key identification tags (Mifare Desfire, 13,56 MHz, 10 pcs.)
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