Lockart H smart handles


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    • Wireless smart door handles

      The Lockart H smart door handles represent a wireless offline solution for the interior access control in your company. Their installation is extremely simple and inexpensive as they do not require a wired connection with any other access control equipment in your system. The Lockart H smart door handles contain an inbuilt reader for the Mifare DESFire® ID cards or tags, which enable the highest level of protection against misuse.

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    • Features

      Suitable for basic and advanced interior access control
      Different door handle and door rose designs available
      Integrated contactless ID card and tag reader
      Reading frequency 13,56 MHz
      Uses Mifare DESFire® ID cards and tags with a 128-bit encryption key
      Built-in power supply (1 CR123 3V battery)
      Access approval signalization with LED
      Operating temperature: from +5 °C to +55 °C

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    • Simple installation and modular design

      Replacing old door handles and installing the Lockart H smart door handles is simple and does not require any additional wire installations, as the handles work completely independently (offline). They can usually be fitted into existing door openings, because they comply with most common European lock and handle standards. The modular design with different lock cylinders enables the handles to be installed on doors with different profile widths (from 30 mm up to 110 mm). The handles can be installed in all wood, steel and aluminum doors.

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    • Advances access control using the Codeks software

      Using the Codeks software you can also include the Lockart H smart door handles in advanced interior access control systems. The Codeks software enables you to assign users to groups that can be granted different access rights for specific doors.

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    • Low consumption

      The Lockart H smart handles are also extremely energy efficient. The battery built into the handle housing enables up to three years of continuous use.

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    • No more keys

      The Lockart H smart door handles use the Mifare DESFire® contactless ID cards and tags, which provide the highest level of protection against misuse. The ID cards and tags serve as door keys in the offline system and use an AES 128-bit encryption key for data transfer, which provides optimal protection against misuse. The ID cards and tags contain the user’s access rights information.

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