Standalone controllers

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Standalone access control solutions intended for private and business users

The main purpose of an access control system is to control movements from one area to another. Employees are given an identification means in the form of a personal card, key fob or code that they use with a reader or keypad; they are assigned access rights to certain areas, doors or on certain days and at certain times. Standalone access control solutions are intended for private and business users who need to be able to control entry into residential and commercial buildings, hotel rooms, offices, shops, garages; they can be used for opening locks, activating and deactivating alarm systems, etc.

The Rex and Lokus standalone access controllers are protected from moisture and therefore suitable for outdoor mounting. In order to provide standalone controllers with an appropriate power supply, you can use one of our power supplies Spider which is sufficiently strong to power an additional electric strike.

Programming standalone controllers (entering and deleting users, setting the duration of the open door, etc.) can be done with the main card (master card) or the main code (master code) and also with a simple program for access control Blocker, which is completely FREE.

Standalone controllers

Blocker simple access control software for Rex and Lokus

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