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Touch screen controllers are designed to work with time and attendace software. Companies are becoming more and more global, expanding domestically while simultaneously needing to improve the organization of the work force and reduce excessive labour costs. Time and attendance systems are designed to measure, analyze and manage employees' working time and help deploy human resources more efficiently. The planning of organization resources is key to a business's success.

The purpose of time and attendance is to register precisely the employee's time of arrival or exit from work, the duration of lunch breaks, the duration of absences due to work or private matters, incidents of lateness, premature departures from work, the building up and use of excess hours as well as leaves of absence, sick leaves, etc.

When combined with good work organization and stimulating reward packages, time and attendance monitoring can drastically reduce a company's expenses as well as improve human resources management. There are tree types of touch screen controllers in our product range that will impress you with modern design and extreme quality. They are also available with SDK solution.

Touch screen controllers

Time and attendance software

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