Codeks Software platform

Access control & Time and Attendance Software platform

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    • Easy five step setup

      It's a famous five step setup. Codeks software installation is simple, more secure, and will make your future upgrades a lot easier.

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    • Plug & Play

      Just connect Codeks hardware and run automatic hardware detection. Codeks Software will discover new communication lines or controllers in just a few seconds.

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    • Anytime & anywhere

      Flash architecture was replaced with pure Web technology. Any device which has browser support can access to Codeks Software. Yes, you can use iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, iPad or Windows 7 phone as a client. Without any client installation what so ever.

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    • Easy Configuration

      Our configuration driven core modules allows us to make from Intranet only configuration to internet-web accessible software in just a few clicks.

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    • Quick customization

      Codeks software, designed from ground up using modular architecture allowed us to create unique platform which can easily be customised and extended trough Codeks Addons / Apps.