Codeks V10

We present the new Codeks V10 generation of software, which offers even more solutions for time registration and access control and also brings new additional applications and Add-ons.

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    • Updated user interface

      The updated main menu now enables you to view and navigate to any of the individual editors and also to any of the installed Codeks Add-ons, since all links are displayed on the same screen. Within editors, navigation between different editors is simplified using the convenient side menu.

  • Codeks V10
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    • New timeline of daily events

      The display of day events in the Time Registration editor now contains a timeline for a more accurate display of registered time intervals and statistics. The icons in the right part of the daily display indicate manual corrections and errors in registration. This new updated display of day events makes it easy to review time registration and saves you time when looking for errors.

  • Codeks V10
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    • Multiple time and attendance groups

      Codeks V10 now enables multiple time and attendance groups to be assigned to the same user, a feature, which was not possible in previous versions of the software. This new functionality greatly simplifies the creation of timetables and groups for employees who work in different locations and use different schedules, e.g. traders who work in different stores with different working hours.

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    • New Add-on and additional applications

      The new Codeks V10 software is compatible with all existing Codeks Add-ons, such as the Codeks Lunch, which enables ordering and distribution of lunches.
      The Codeks V10 software version now also includes the new Codeks Reservations Add-on, which enables users to make reservations for rooms or keys within an existing Codeks system.
      More Add-ons and additional applications will be available shortly ...

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