Codeks TA Kit

Time and attendance software for small businesses

The Codeks TA Kit software is a Web-based software that allows small businesses to fully automate its time and attendance information. It is an integral part of T&A Kits, which are intended for users with less demanding work schedules. Below is a brief presentation of Codeks TA-Kit software.


Features of CODEKS TA-KIT application

Codeks TA Kit software allows enrollment of new employees’ cards and data, the creation of timetables, reviewing of the registered data, the correction of the events (entry, exits, lunch, etc.), preparation of the reports and extracts by various criteria, the entry and changing of time intervals, etc.
Supports fixed and flexible work timetables without rounding hours.
Calculation of the corresponding numbers of refunds for lunch and drive to work.
It supports data capture from multiple points or locations where working time is registered (e.g. more entries into the compny or more business units).
In the user editor, a report of the working hours for a specific period for each employee can be made.
The administrator can enter missing events (sick days, leave days, etc.) and repair incorrectly recorded data (e.g. employee forgets to registrate arrival or exit from work). All manual corrected data are clearly visible in the report prints on the screen or printer.
Employees can be assigned with a password and a user name to view their registered events and generate a report of the events.
Enables extending of the program functionality with modules for a quick overview of the presence (TA Presence Monitor) and the integration of IP cameras to prevent abuse (IP Camera).
In the event that the customer's requirements increase over time, it can also be easily upgraded to the advanced time attendance and access control software, which is intended for users with higher requirements (Codeks TA-UPG).


Pictures of the CODEKS TA-KIT user interface

The Main window, which displays all current events

Glavno okno


Users Editor

Users editor


Timetables Editor

Timetables editor


Time attendance Editor

TA Editor