Codeks TA

Time and attendance & access control software

Codeks TA is an advanced web-based time and attendance and access control software. Codeks TA keeps track of the time employees' work, holiday pay, overtime and other time and attendance records. The software gives administrators a complete overview of when the employees are working, when they are taking vacation, when they are out sick, on maternity leave, study leave, etc. With additional app, the software also allows employees to request time off. Administrators can set up their own timetables (schedules) in which employees can come or leave work or just access to a certain location. Codeks TA is basically combined Codeks AC and Codeks TA-Kit software with advanced features for time and attendance.


Features of CODEKS TA software

Fully-featured, highly reliable and extremely cost effective web based software for advanced time & attendance and access control.
Controls multiple lines of communication.
Unlimited number of users.
Unlimited number of locations.
Supports multiple access controllers.
Supports multiple timetables for time and attendance and access control.
Multiple groups of users.
Multiple administrators.
The possibility of limiting the rights of administrators.
Administration operations are recorded and can be reported.
Editing of macro commands.
Creating calendars for employees with different work shifts.
Creating new statistics needed for calculations in salary programs.
Access to all hardware’s setup parameters.
Advanced features, e.g. extended door unlock times for people with disabilities.
Employee information can be directly input or imported from Active Directory.
Multiple cards/pins can be issued to each user.
Live events monitor.
Users' names can be imported from .csv or Excel files.
Events history.
Past events reports and filtering.
Multiple reports, e.g. access rights and system activity.
Enrollment of new employees’ cards and data, reviewing of the registered time and attendance data, the correction of the events (entry, exits, lunch, etc.), preparation of the reports and extracts by various criteria, the entry and changing of time intervals, etc.
Supports fixed and flexible work timetables (possible with rounding hours).
Calculation of the corresponding numbers of refunds for lunch and drive to work.
It supports data capture from multiple points or locations where working time is registered (e.g. more entries into the company or more business units).
In the user editor, a report of the working hours for a specific period for each employee can be made.
The administrator can enter missing events (sick days, leave days, etc.) and repair incorrectly recorded data (e.g. employee forgets to registrate arrival or exit from work). All manual corrected data are clearly visible in the report prints on the screen or printer.
Employees can be assigned with a password and a user name to view their registered events and generate a report of the events.
Enables extending of the program functionality with modules and apps (IP Camera, Layouts, FronDesk, ...).
Language can be switched according to the system administrator.

User interface

Screenshots of the CODEKS TA user interface

The Main menu

Main menu


Live events Monitor



Monitor reports

Monitor reports


Time and Attendance editor

TA Editor


Period Report

Period Report


Report contains all arrivals and exits in chosen period, statistics of event groups, attained hours, overtime, balance, leave state ...



Statistic report shows statistics for each day in given period. This report is useful to visually check time attendance registrations over one month. It can be also useful to check if more users have their leave on same dates.

Statistic report


In Settings you can work with Administrators, Macros, Counters, Function Groups, Events, Preferences, Holidays and Company organization.

Statistic report

Customer support


Need help with the part of the program? Please refer to our Jantar Forum, where there is additional documentation for the work with the program. If you can't find a solution for your problem, please contact our support.