Current official CODEKS V10 release

Codeks 10. 0. 20. 11734 - 20. 12. 2018

  1. New features
  2. The Codeks software is now signed with a certificate.
  3. The first version of the new Codeks Parking add-on designed for managing the access control of parking lots has been released.
  4. The functionality of notes has been added to the Time attendance editor. This allows employees (users) to write daily notes in order to comment or explain their recorded work hours.
  5. The Codeks software is now also available in the Polish language.

  6. General bug fixes
  7. Corrections have been made for Custom reports using an Excel template. 
  8. Some improvements of the Codeks Lunch user interface have been made. When updating, it is now necessary to update the main Codeks application as well as the Codeks Lunch programs at the same time.
  9. With the Automatic Import / export function (accessible through the Settings / Preferences menu) it is now also possible to import the groups of an individual user. 
  10. The function of checking if a period has already been locked has been corrected when confirming the absence or permit announcements as well as for confirming the extraordinary saldo requests.
  11. Improvements of the default keypads for the Regis controllers with touch screens have been made.
  12. The Weekly overview of confirmed absences and permits for the Codeks TA Absence Announce and Codeks ePermits add-ons has been corrected.
  13. It is now possible to set a custom action or macro as an Alternative action (in the Groups editor) to be performed when users, who are assigned the alternative action function through their user settings, register at specific passages.

Official CODEKS V10 release

Codeks 10. 0. 18. 11661 - 23. 11. 2018

  1. Urgent bug fixes
  2. When saving in the Oracle database an error occurred which caused the Codeks service to stop running. This error has now been corrected. 
  3. The automatic search for Codeks updates in the Codeks Service Manager program has been corrected.

  4. New features
  5. Automatic reports for the Codeks Lunch add-on can now be created on a weekly or monthly basis.
  6. In this new Codeks software version, two new system super administrators have been added: jantarsystem and localadmin. These two system administrators have been added for easier access to your system when attempting to solve any problems with the software. Using these administrator credentials technical personnel and the Jantar support team can get a time-limited access (1 hour) to your system, exclusively from the server where the Codeks software is installed.
    These new system administrators are disabled by default and can be only activated for a limited time period through the Codeks Service Manager program. If you want to permanently disable access to your system for these new system super administrators, create two new administrators with the same usernames within your Codeks systems (in the Administrators editor).

Official CODEKS V10 release

Codeks 10. 0. 16. 11645 - 19. 11. 2018

  1. New features
  2. Software support has been added for time attendance systems, which are installed across multiple countries or regions with different holidays and work-free days. With the help of the new Regions editor, it is now possible to create regions with different holidays and assign the appropriate regions to specific locations. 
  3. The Codeks software is now also available in the Macedonian language.
  4. When registering their work hours through a web browser users can select a specific location which will activate the appropriate timetable for time registration.
  5. The Codeks add-on TA Absence announces now enables a two-step absence announcement with the option of selecting a replacement. 
  6. In the Codeks Lunch additional application, weekends, holidays, and work-free days are now displayed differently from workdays. Additionally, users who pay for their own lunches are marked differently as well as clearly displayed in lunch reports. 
  7. The new add-on of the main Codeks application, the TA Weekly table view, enables employees to manually record different types of work hours as well as track the realization of hours according to their work plan.
  8. A new tree view component was added in the Layouts viewer and Function groups editor.

  9. General bug fixes
  10. Some new functions and corrections have been made in the Custom reports.
  11. The error when sending notifications about absence or permit announcements to multiple recipients has been corrected.
  12. Some errors in the operation of the group and user revisions have been corrected.
  13. Corrections have been made to the recording of night work in Time attendance.

  14. Codeks Device Manager
  15. A new improved version of the Codeks Device Manager program has been released, which also contains settings for newer Jantar hardware devices

Current official CODEKS V9 release

Codeks 9. 2. 14. 11458 - 9. 10. 2018

  1. General bug fixes
  2. Corrections have been made in regard to the storing of the users' department when importing users into the Codeks application.
  3. The display of edited changes in the Time attendance editor has been improved.
  4. The number of buttons that can be sent to controllers with custom keypads has been increased.
  5. The event-duplication error, which occurred if tables were sent multiple times simultaneously, has been corrected.
  6. The recalculation errors of saldo values and hour transfers in locked periods have been corrected.
  7. The recalculation of hours for days when multiple entries and exits are registered or the last entry is not concluded has been corrected.
  8. The sending of cards when users are assigned additional cards and multiple T&A groups has been optimized.

Official CODEKS V10 release

Codeks 10. 0. 14. 11414 - 25. 9. 2018

  1. New features
  2. Additional Keypads for time attendance, for devices with touch displays.
  3. New tree view component in Monitor for locations.
  4. Changed closing of active General purpose interval in time attendance. Active interval is now automatically closed upon registration of next interval. User can now register directly from Lunch interval to Business interval without a need to close Lunch interval first.

  5. General bug fixes
  6. Optimised table sending to controllers for users with additional cards and multiple TA groups.
  7. Updated and improved User trace reports.
  8. Fixed "Read cards" function, which erased user groups when certain conditions were met
  9. Additional fields drop down search couldn't be set properly

  10. Custom reports
  11. Templates: Pictures are copied from template
  12. New data selectors: PERIOD_WO, to write work obligation in same line with another statistic; STAT_DESCRIPTION, to write statistics description
  13. New formulas: MINLIMIT, to set statistics lower limit (opposite of LIMIT); LIMIT and MINLIMIT can now limit result of a function behind LIMIT[].
  14. New elements: SplitLineToCells, SplitLineColsSeparator and DayStatPerLine

Official CODEKS V10 release

Codeks 10. 0. 12. 11240 - 13. 7. 2018

  1. New features
  2. A new setting for counting hours was added in the Statistics editor that now enables custom recording of work hours on a Holiday.
  3. The Custom keypads can now contain a larger number of time registration buttons and can display longer texts on each button.
  4. New features for generating reports were added in Custom reports.
  5. A new tree view component was added in the Hardware editor, which now enables a better and more precise overview of the hardware locations.
  6. The password storage and logging in to the Codeks application have been improved, so that user and administrator login information is even better protected against abuse.

  7. General bug fixes
  8. The duplication of events registered at controllers when REST calls were incorrectly used has been corrected.
  9. The retrieval of events in a system with a disabled controller when using the SQLite database sometimes returned errors. This problem has now been corrected.
  10. In certain cases, a revision added in the middle of a (payroll) period also affected the users' rights before it's start date. This error has now been corrected.
  11. The display of the timeline in the Time attendance editor has been corrected and improved.
  12. The error of recalculating saldo values in the locked off past periods has been corrected.
  13. The display of the Group access rights report when using the Lockart offline system has been fixed.
  14. It is now possible to import data directly from the Jantar V7 software to the new Codeks V10 software.
  15. Several errors have been corrected when importing reader parameters from the Jantar V7 software to Codeks.

  16. Changes of the REST API
  17. Some of the changes in this new release also affect the use of certain REST calls:
  18. Because of changes in the login authentication the "/access/requestlogin" has been added and the two log in calls "/access/login" and "/addons/userlogin" have been changed (the old login mode is still supported until it is disabled in the Settings of the Codeks application)
  19. The REST call "/access/places/changeparent" for making changes in the tree structure of the hardware was changed
  20. The XML call "/access/users/getcustomfieldvalues" was removed and replaced by the JSON call "/Access/Users/GetCustomFields".

Official CODEKS V9 release

Codeks 9. 2. 12. 11063 - 25. 5. 2018

  1. In this Codeks V9 version, some new features have been added for the purpose of compliance of your Codeks systems with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):
  2. Consent to use the submitted contact information is required when activating the Codeks license codes.
  3. A new function for user anonymization has been added in the Users editor.
  4. The Codeks Cleaner tool now enables complete and irreversible deletion of all data pertaining to deleted or anonymized users. 

  5. For more information, you can contact us at support@jantar.si. You can find our privacy policy on this website.

  6. General bug fixes
  7. The tracking of Work Obligation History editing has been improved (User Trace).

Official CODEKS V10 release

Codeks 10. 0. 6. 11058 - 24. 5. 2018

  1. In this Codeks version, some new features have been added for the purpose of compliance of your Codeks systems with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):
  2. Consent to use the submitted contact information is required when activating the Codeks license codes.
  3. A new function for user anonymization has been added in the Users editor.
  4. The Codeks Cleaner tool now enables complete and irreversible deletion of all data pertaining to deleted or anonymized users. 

  5. For more information, you can contact us at support@jantar.si. You can find our privacy policy on this website.

  6. New features
  7. A custom period to be displayed can now be set in the Time attendance editor.
  8. It is now possible to generate custom reports which contain the statistical information about ordered and served lunches with the Codeks Lunch.
  9. Software support was added for the new portable T&A controller Regis Z.

  10. General bug fixes
  11. The period recalculation without resetting manual changes function has been corrected, for cases when editing night work the previous day resulted in incorrect event handling for the following day.
  12. The data filters for generating the Count report have been corrected.
  13. Improvements of the user interface for managing group and user revisions have been made.
  14. The Import commands function has been improved.
  15. Improvements were added for user login to the Codeks application with Active Directory.
  16. The setting and saving of the default timetable of a group has been improved in the Groups editor.

Official CODEKS V9 release

Codeks 9. 2. 10. 10920 - 20. 4. 2018

  1. General bug fixes
  2. When assigning a group to a user in the Users editor the search function for groups has been improved.
  3. Software support was added for the new Populus K, Populus O, and Populus X controllers.
  4. Translations of events were added in the Events editor and to the Event type table in the Reports editor.
  5. The Entry exit error report and the Count report have been corrected and improved.
  6. The Recalculate period functionality without undoing manual corrections has been corrected for instances when users work night shifts.
  7. The functionality of the Extraordinary saldo transfer request has been corrected.
  8. The ordering and display of ordered lunches in the Codeks Lunch add-on have been corrected.

Official CODEKS V10 release

Codeks 10. 0. 2. 10906 - 10. 4. 2018

  1. New features
  2. A search function was added to the drop-down list when assigning groups to a user in the Users editor.
  3. Software support was added for the new Populus K, Populus O, and Populus X controllers.
  4. Translations of events were added in the Events editor and to the Event type table in the Reports editor.

  5. General bug fixes
  6. The Entry exit error report has been corrected and improved.
  7. The functionality of the Extraordinary saldo transfer request has been corrected.
  8. Several general improvements to the user interface were made.


Codeks V10 - 1. 3. 2018

New features of the Codeks V10 software version:

  1. Updated user interface design and simplified navigation between different editors.
  2. The new daily timeline in the Time attendance editor enables a more accurate display of registered time intervals and statistics.
  3. The new functionality of assigning multiple time and attendance groups to the same user greatly simplifies the creation of timetables and groups for employees who work in different locations and use different timetables.
  4. User and group revisions which enable you to archive the history of users' T&A and access rights as well and, additionally, also offer advanced options for changing user rights in the future.
  5. New add-ons and additional applications, i.e. Codeks Lunch and Codeks Reservations.

Codeks 9. 2. 8. 10713 - 28. 2. 2018

  1. New features
  2. Users, who may view the time attendance, can now also view the actual registered events in the Time attendance editor.
  3. A new search and filtering method was added which enables users to search according to the root of the word. In the general program settings of the Codeks application, the new functionality can be turned on by using the Compare the values from start of the word when filtering the table of users.

  4. General bug fixes
  5. The drive count in the Time attendance editor has been corrected in cases when users register multiple entry and exits per day. 
  6. The tree view display in the Company organization editor has been improved.
  7. A new setting for recording time cuts has been added. By enabling the Required percent of presence for time cut is calculated from work obligation setting, the required percent of presence for time cut intervals is calculated based on the daily work obligation (the setting ensures compatibility with the Jantar V7 program).
  8. The saving of assigned calendars to users has been improved. When editing the work obligation history, the current calendar assigned to the user is also stored in the user's settings.

At the end of February 2018, we are ending the development of the Codeks V9 software, so this will be the last software version, that will include new functionalities. In the future, only the urgent general bug fixes will be released for the Codeks V9 software version. 


Codeks 9. 2. 6. 10472 - 15. 1. 2018

  1. FrontDesk
  2. In the settings of the main Codeks application (Settings - Preferences), you can now limit the history of visitors that can be displayed in the FrontDesk add-on.
  3. The function of editing a current visitor has been added. The receptionist can now easily edit or add new visitor's data to an active visitor by re-opening the edit visitor pop-up window. 
  4. The new Return card function makes it easier to remove a larger number of visitors from the system. With the help of a desktop USB reader, the receptionist can remove more visitors (visitor's cards) from the system at the same time.

  5. General bug fixes
  6. The recalculation of statistics for the last day of the month has been fixed (e.g. recalculating leave days, lunches or drives).
  7. Some errors occurred when transferring hours' funds to the new year. These errors have been fixed in this new software version.
  8. The hierarchical display of hardware for administrators with limited rights has been fixed.
  9. Some improvements of the Screenpad editor interface have been made. 


Codeks 9. 2. 4. 10359 - 13. 12. 2017

  1. New features
  2. In the Groups editor, a new alternative action setting was added, which allows external applications to quickly change a user's access rights. By using an appropriate REST call, an external application can define an alternative action to be used at certain passages for individual users. This functionality is only available controllers with the firmware version of at least 9.7.40.
  3. It is now possible to display the current value of hour funds in some reports and exports in the Time attendance editor.
  4. When using the Codeks ePermits Add-on, it is no longer necessary to set the default location for permits (in Settings - Preferences), because the system automatically sets the appropriate location according to the controller where the user has registered. 
  5. A new report was added for issuing user cards to users in the Users editor.

  6. General bug fixes
  7. Problems with filtering users in the Table of users have been fixed.
  8. The display of the date of the Leave report has been fixed in the Time attendance editor.
  9. An error occurred in the time attendance registration for users whose time attendance had since been finished but were granted user access exceptions at the time of registration. This has now been fixed.
  10. The functionality of the Follow live events setting in the Monitor viewer has been fixed.


Codeks 9. 2. 2. 10210 - 8. 11. 2017

  1. New features
  2. Two new settings were added to limit the maximum interval duration in the Timetables editor. By setting Limit day work time, it is possible to limit the duration of the time interval to a certain number of hours regardless of the actual time when the user registered his exit. By setting Limit work time to work obligation, it is possible to limit the duration to the number of hours to the user's daily work obligation regardless of the actual time when the user registered his exit.
  3. The new Split time by day setting has been added for the Time cut intervals which controls the count of work hours depending on the date. If the setting is off, the clocked work hours will be counted and assigned to the previous day, when the user started work. If the setting is enabled, the work hours are divided between the actual days in which they were made.
  4. In the Time attendance editor, only the Time attendance groups are displayed next to the user's name, as only these affect the registration of the user's work hours and other types of groups are not relevant for registering time attendance.
  5. The Largo export has been added in the Time attendance editor. This export displays statistics in columns and is suitable for import Largo system.

  6. General bug fixes
  7. View rights for the Codeks TA Presence monitor Add-on were granted to all administrators.
  8. Errors in the display of the Saldo transfer requests were corrected in the Time attendance editor.
  10. The display of null values was corrected in the Custom reports editor.
  11. In certain situations, the Cancel functionality did not work correctly. This problem has now been fixed.
  12. The rights of the Front Desk administrators in the Codeks Front Desk Add-on were corrected.
  13. Data export from the Jantar V7 program has been improved. From now all data export from the Jantar V7 program must be made using the IzvozV7.exe program version


Codeks 9. 2. 1. 10091 - 20. 9. 2017

  1. General bug fixes
  2. It is no longer necessary to assign a password to administrators in Codeks if Active Directory credentials are used for logging into the application. 
  3. Minor irregularities when creating custom reports for more users have been fixed.


Codeks 9. 2. 0. 10067 - 12. 9. 2017

  1. New features
  2. New settings have been added to the Error report in the Time attendance editor. You can now display the value of the total saldo on a particular day (Saldo on day) or display the number of hours the user has added to his total saldo on a particular day (Day saldo).
  3. The system now automatically regards the unused leave days as old leave days every time a user announces leave days for the next year.
  4. When announcing leave days the system now adjusts the number of available leave days according to approved leave announces in the future, and manually added leave days, to prevent the user from announcing too many leave days.
  5. The new User trace editor has been added. It is now possible to view which user or administrator has edited data in the Codeks application.
  6. A new statistics setting Count statistic as has been added. It is now possible to set where the statistic's hours are recorded: in the Saldo, Overtime or a special hours fund.
  7. It is now possible to display the user's Export ID and External ID in the Leave report in the Time attendance editor.
  8. It is now possible to additionally display the value of the user's leave days in hours and minutes in the Leave report.
  9. It is now possible to display the Legend of displayed statistics in the Statistics report in the Time attendance editor.
  10. It is now possible to login to Codeks as a user using a user card and card reader.
  11. A new function has been added to control the recording of Time cuts when using the +1 day (night work) setting at the end of the month.
  12. A new counter for recording the number of work obligation days has been added in the Time attendance. It is now possible to display the number of work obligation days in addition to the work obligation hours when using Custom reports.
  13. The Codeks software is now also available in the Bulgarian language.
  14. A new setting for the maximum duration of intervals has been added. The Sum durations to interval end now enables the interval duration to be defined to last at most up to the set end time of the interval (setting To) regardless of when a user has registered its beginning.
  15. It is now possible to enable or disable the display of statistics sums when exporting the Statistics report in the Time attendance editor.
  16. It is now possible to check the status of doors in the Monitor.
  17. Four system macros for fire and unauthorized device tampering have been added in the Macros editor.

  18. General bug fixes
  19. An error occurred in the user status when saving changes for the user. This problem has now been fixed.
  20. The language packs for Codeks have been updated.
  21. An error occurred when setting the reader number property for custom macros. This problem has now been fixed.
  22. The status of users' presence in the Presence monitor was displayed false when the users' daily events in the Time attendance were manually edited. This problem has now been fixed.
  23. The process of assigning rights to administrators in the Administrators editor has been improved.
  24. Sending macros that are set on passages in the Groups editor has been optimized.
  25. The export of work hours has been fixed and improved for the MFERAC system.
  26. The function of adding Automatic insert intervals when manually editing the user’s time attendance has been fixed. While adding the Entry and Exit times it is now possible to choose wheatear or not the system also adds the Automatic insert intervals to the day by enabling the new Add automatic intervals setting.
  27. The Global Anti-Passback has been fixed. Currently registered events are now processed even when the system is recalculating events (at the end of the day or shifts) to avoid status and path errors.
  28. Improved handling of saving changes when editing Calendars. The process of saving the entered values and changes in Calendars is now easier and more efficient.
  29. The drag-and-drop editing functionality in the tree-view of the Company organization editor has been improved. You can now edit the company organization more easily and accurately.

  30. Import GUI
  31. It is now possible to import only places without the hardware or vice versa into Codeks from the Jantar V7 program.


Codeks 9. 0. 1. 70 - 29. 5. 2017

  1. General
  2. The search and filter options for users have been improved. It is now possible to select the exact department, group or user list by clicking on the lens icon in the search fields at the top of the Table of users.
  3. New filtering options have been added for custom fields. It is now possible to limit the filtering options to only existing values, which makes user filtering faster and more precise.
  4. It is now possible to configure which columns will be shown in the Table of users in the Users, Groups and Reports editors. 
  5. A new setting has been added in the Preferences editor that limits the selection of the manually added or edited daily event name in the Time attendance editor. With this option enabled, only a drop-down menu will appear when entering the name of a daily event, which contains all allowed name texts. The drop-down menu contains all texts that are entered in the "Text" field of the intervals settings.
  6. It is now possible to send only access time intervals to controllers. This function can be very useful for systems with complex timetables, which might become too big for storing on older (V7 protocol) controllers.
  7. The initial configuration of the Codeks Front Desk application has been simplified. The necessary system groups and system cards are now added automatically during setup.

  8. Reports
  9. It is now possible to design the basic layout of a spreadsheet report in spreadsheet generating software (e.g. Microsoft Excel) and then importing it into the Custom reports editor.
  10. A new type of report (named "Entry Exit error report") has been added to the Event reports drop-down menu in the Reports editor. It displays all users with a missing entry or exit and users whose presence in a specific room exceeded a defined time period. 
  11. The event limit for PDF reports has been increased from 10.000 to 500.000 events.
  12. The Key manager report has been fixed and is now generated correctly also for older configuration of the key management systems.

  13. Statistics
  14. In the Statistics editor, the "Don't count work obligation" setting has been replaced by the "Count in work obligation". Also, two new statistics settings have been added: "Count in time cut" and "Count in standby".

  15. Timetables
  16. The Type of timetable can now be selected when creating a new timetable. This setting simplifies the process of adding new timetables by filtering the settings based on the purpose of the new timetable.
  17. Two new settings have been added to the "Automatic insert" interval type in the Timetables editor. It is now possible to set a minimum and maximum daily work hours sum that must be achieved in order to trigger the automatic insert interval function. 

  18. Time attendance
  19. A new setting has been added to the Year data section in the Time attendance editor. It is now possible to limit both the number of overtime hours that can be transferred from the previous month (Set max. monthly transfer (hours)), as well as the maximum overall accumulation of overtime hours that can be transferred from all previous months (Set max. total transfer).

  20. Hardware
  21. The new setting "Magnet holding time (sec)" has been added for KeyManager controllers in the Times tab of the controller settings.
  22. The new setting "Door switch event" has been added in the Options tab of the controller settings.


Codeks 9. 0. 1. 66 - 17. 3. 2017

  1. New features
  2. It is now possible to configure which columns will be shown in the table of users.
  3. In Codeks TA only administrators were able to search by custom fields. This function is now also enabled for users.

  1. General Bug Fixes
  2. Fixed: When saving changes for a location the connection to the connected reader was lost. Saving changes now works correctly.
  3. Fixed: Permit announcement or confirmation failed if Codeks was not able to send e-mails due to mail misconfiguration or network problems. Permits are now handled independently of mail sending.
  4. Fixed: The new Spider W5-B did not communicate with controllers when connected by USB and using the V9 communication protocol. The problem was caused by an insufficiently long timeout, which is now set to 200 ms.
  5. Fixed: When setting an additional statistic for period the hours set by this statistic were not added to the saldo. The saldo is now calculated correctly.


Codeks 9. 0. 1. 64  -  1. 3. 2017

  1. General Bug Fixes
  2. Enabled possibility of setting a 24-hour daily work obligation in Calendars.
  3. Fixed problem of some location levels not being displayed in the tree view in the Hardware editor.
  4. Fixed problem of XML error reports displaying in Internet Explorer 11 when editing group permissions.
  5. Fixed problem of incorrectly sent additional card information to controllers.

  1. General
  2. WARNING! The new versions of the Codeks program no longer enable event collection via a V9 communication line when using controllers with firmware older than 9.5.12.
  3. If AD (Active Directory) is used for user authentication, Codeks rejects users if AD login fails. Codeks checks its local user database only if AD is not accessible (this will be changed as optional before stable release).
  4. Improved and more detailed log system.
  5. Enabled setting of macros longer than 65 seconds. 
  6. Improved Codeks manual.
  7. Minor improvements in various reports.
  8. Improved automatic reports.
  9. Better departments handling, new tree-view component.
  10. The default value of the charset setting is now set to windows-1250 (the Codepage for exported files setting in Preferences).
  11. Added backup warning at the beginning of setup.
  12. When upgrading the Codeks software from single groups to multiple groups per user, the users' additional cards now retain all access rights (for access as well as time attendance passages).
  13. Custom Codeks settings, such as server port settings and the use of https protocol, are now preserved during an upgrade.
  14. Internet Explorer can now save passwords of login forms.
  15. NEW - Database performance has now been improved with the use of additional indexes. 
  16. Fixed controller editing in the Codeks TAKit Simple hardware editor.

  1. Users
  2. Optimisation of the Users menu now enables faster menu opening when using large databases.

  1. Hardware
  2. A new function has been added that enables the system administrator to disable the automatic reloading of communication parameters when changing and saving hardware settings. Auto-reloading can be turned off by disabling the Automatic communication refreshing icon. The reloading can now be performed only once when all the changes have been entered by clicking the Refresh communication icon.
  3. New Set time function in the Manage controller menu enables setting the time of a controller.
  4. Improved configuration of relay controllers. Group and user access rights can now be set to relay passages. 
  5. NEW - Hardware tree is now sorted:
    1. Communication lines are sorted alphabetically by name.
    3. Controllers are sorted by controller address.
    4. Readers are sorted by the reader number.

  1. ePermits:
  2. A user who requests a permit on behalf of another user can now be added as an additional mail recipient himself.

  1. Time attendance:
  2. Added options to disable the print out of statistics and time cuts in the Full Report.
  3. Two new statistics Column Report forms were added:
    1. Statistics Columns Export by hours and minutes,
    2. Compact statistics column export by hours.
  4. Improved and faster recalculate events performance.
  5. Fixed bug of selected time period skipping to current month when refreshing the page.
  6. Fixed problems with recalculating events and saving manual corrections when using an ORACLE database.
  7. Fixed error of database locking when using the Cancel button on controllers.
  8. Fixed problem with calculating TA presence when 24-hour shifts are edited manually.

  1. TA Custom report generator
  2. Fixed bug of disabled ExportUserHeaders command.
  3. The ExportPageHeaders command for spreadsheet reports (ExportFormat = Spreadsheet) was added. The new command enables a document header to be added to printed pages or PDF exports.

  1. Importing data from the Jantar V7 program into Codeks
  2. Improved export from the Jantar V7 program database: Calendars can now be transferred.


Codeks 9. 0. 1. 62  -  9. 12. 2016

  1. Fixes
  2. Rounding of saldo in report generator printed out minutes instead of hours
  3. Calendar now supports 24:00 hour work obligation
  4. SQLite database library has been replaced, because previous needed external dependencies on some systems
  5. Import from V7 has been adapted to multiple groups introduced in previous version
  6. Fixed wrong lunch calculation for certain unusual situations
  7. Fixed service crash if automatic report was wrongly configured


Codeks 9. 0. 1. 60  -  29. 11 .2016

  1. --- ALERT for transition to new groups! ---
  2. Codeks version and later has the ability to assign users to multiple access groups at once. A lot of major changes we're made and backup of both database and Codeks installation folder is necessary. After the installation of the new version reverting to older version is not possible.
  4. General type of group in which was possible to set access rights on all passages has been replaced by several types in which access rights can be set just on specific types of passages depending on the type of selected group.

  5. Types of groups are
    1. Group for time attendance in which access rights on passages for time attendance can be set. User can only be in one group for time attendance at once,
    2. Key manager group in which access rights on passagess for access and connected to readers that are connected to key manager controller can be set,
    3. Relay controller group in which access rights on passages for access and connected to readers that are connected to relay controller can be set,
    4. Time and attendance group in which access passages that do not belong in any other group can be set,
    5. Group for FrontDesk visitors remains the same and accesses for it can be set for any passage.

    Popup window for setting user access rights has been removed. All accesses for users can now be set in groups with the selection of user. Access rights for users is not possible to set on passages for time and attendance.

    In the work obligation history only time and attendance groups can be selected while on additional cards only access groups, key manager groups and relay groups can be selected.

    The order of groups set on user is important when user is in two groups that have access to the same passage. In this case the setting of a group that is higher in the list of users groups will be taken into account.

    When installing new version of Codeks over existing systems the current general groups will automaticaly be devided into groups of different types. Example: General group "Flexible" would be split into a group for time and attendace "Flexible", a group for access "Flexible AC", a group for key manager "Flexible KM" and a group for relay controller "Flexible RC".

  1. New features
  2. Added choice of several user groups to make it easier to set access rights
  3. Added parallelization support for severe increase of speed
  4. Added the possibility to use HTTPS for communicating with client browsers
  5. Added the possibility to use own key for ciphering V9 communication with controllers
  6. Added Push communication with controllers, which drastically decreases the traffic in the network (only newer controllers with own network)
  7. Lunch
  8. Added setting if user code and PIN is shown
  9. Added notice and sound at event when browser is minimized or in different tab (depending on event settings)
  10. Added date of licence activation to state "Activated"
  11. Added filtering to events display form
  12. Added focus to input field when adding additional cards to users
  13. Added communication channel choice on controllers
  14. Added option of rounding intervals to minutes
  15. Added new display resolution of 400x240
  16. Added ACCESS
  17. Added possibility of changing column width of data tables
  18. Added rights sending to controllers at card deletion on passage
  19. Added Slovenian, Croatian and Hungarian holidays untill the year 2030
  20. Added additional settings when adding reader, which makes adding hardware easier
  21. Added ability to use all 16 outputs on V9 controllers, provided they have them
  22. Added sending of button on intervals and additional action (firmware 9.7.7+)
  23. Added setting for macro at IO reset
  24. Added support for the new hardware RegisF, RegisH, RegisS, SpiderV9
  25. Added an option of searching by controller address on protocol readers search, when searching multiple controllers on the same RS-485 bus

  1. Time and attendance
  2. Super admin can recalculate statistics on locked period, if he has the right set
  3. Added option of covering work obligation with selected statistic

  1. FrontDesk
  2. Added document number in autocomplete suggestion when adding visitors

  1. Reports
  2. Added event filtering by the hour
  3. Added count report
  4. Added format choice when generating visitors report
  5. Added option of predicting workdays to the end of period when generating Report
  6. Added format choice when generating announce end permit reports
  7. Added total saldo in statistics report

  1. Custom reports
  2. Added option ExportStatsIntervals, for displaying period when statistic was set in one rows
  3. Added parameter COUNTOF[stat] to formulas
  4. For calculating statistics, where number of days needs to be multiplied with a constant value
  5. Added option to display SaldoTotal and PeriodPlus
  6. Added option of rounding hours HOURS_ROUND(15) rounds minutes under 16 to 0h, minutes from 16 to 45 to 0.5h, minutes from 46 to 59 to 1h

  1. Export
  2. Added option of exporting in BAAN

  1. Import
  2. Added information if location is used for registration
  3. Added option of importing and updating export number
  4. Added option of using code from V7 as external code when importing from XML
  5. Added option of setting negative transfer and limiting monthly transfer of hours when importing or updating users from XML and CSV

  1. Fixes
  2. Statistics options now binded to licence
  3. Fixed group editing not opening for the selected user but for their group
  4. Fixed administrator being able to see and set all visitor cards
  5. Fixed the button for Time attendance not showing for users that have the right to view TA of department but not their own
  6. Fixed error when deleting schedule
  7. Fixed incorrect saving of leave
  8. Fixed duplications of input search fields when editing or adding users
  9. Fixed users search filter showing additional results when searching by department
  10. Fixed permit announce not refreshing addressee when person for whom it's being announced is changed
  11. Fixed statistics calculation when setting statistic for period between months
  12. Fixed used leave being recalculated from minutes to days when saving selected period
  13. Fixed duplication of parameters when adding hardware via the wizard
  14. Fixed filter fields dissapering when there is no results viewing past events
  15. Fixed errors and weird behavior of dropdown lists in Google Chrome when selecting intervals and statistics used for generating error report in time attendance
  16. Fixed global anti-passback taking into account events from controllers that do not have that option enabled, causing wrong state when using a card at that controller
  17. Fixed value and type of parameter when adding and modifying a group
  18. Fixed sending of background image for display with resolution 1024x600
  19. Fixed passage rights showing in groups when there is no groups or users
  20. Fixed error when searching controllers in hardware
  21. Fixed type showing in name field instead of name when editing controller
  22. Fixed being able to add exceptions to TA locations after saving other exceptions on user
  23. Fixed server response having too much information after failed login
  24. Fixed departments turning gray after change of location in company organization
  25. Fixed buttons for submenus showing to administrator even if he doesn't have access to them
  26. Fixed controllers not being connected to the right location when adding them via the wizard
  27. Fixed checkbox not showing when adding a controller in Google Chrome
  28. Fixed passage being added to passage returning error instead of adding to root
  29. Fixed description of time intervals
  30. Fixed description of TA key
  31. Fixed error and limited results when filtering by card on MySql database
  32. Fixed communication name being able to be empty
  33. Fixed errors when adding large number of readers and passages
  34. Fixed duplicated device parameters when double clicking
  35. Fixed client slowing down when working with hardware if site was not refreshed (events aggregating in client)
  36. Fixed users, groups and additional cards duplicating when having multiple rights at the same department
  37. Fixed event type translation at FrontDesk
  38. Fixed wrong display and saving of reader numbers over 10 (Now shows and saves all 30 possible numbers)
  39. Fixed errors when saving settings to controllers when there is more than 10 readers
  40. Fixed errors when upgrading controllers to versions 9.7.0 and higher

  1. Import
  2. Fixed setting "In use" not working after importing controller
  3. Fixed error "Foreign key violation" when importing intervals
  4. Fixed error when statistic is missing icon name
  5. Fixed error when updating user through import

  1. Changes
  2. Animations disabled due to elements in browser loading slower
  3. Changed the default state of buzzer to disabled on PopulusV9, PopulusV9Lift, PopulusV9Slimline, SpiderV9 and Trigger
  4. Removed the possibility to add, edit, delete and move locations in Layouts, Monitor and Reports
  5. Button for adding groups and departments when adding user is now hidden when administrator doesn't have rights to them
  6. Increased width of card number and event time column in monitor
  7. Removed button for export on leave announce and permits overview because report has the option of "csv" format
  8. Removed the possibility to set passage as location to controllers in hardware
  9. The full name of department is now shortened from the left if too long
  10. Default settings of controllers changed to show the right number of outputs
  11. Changed controller type from PopulusV9Lift to PopulusV9Relay

  1. Reports
  2. Reports moved to a new component
  3. Buttons for Event report, System event report, First/Last report, Count report merged into new dropdown list named Event reports
  4. Buttons for User report, User access rights, Group access rights merged into new dropdown list named User reports
  5. Name of the generated file "Error report" changed to "Report"

  1. Export
  2. Changed filename when exporting timetables, intervals and statistics from "TAStatisticsExport" to "TATimetablesIntervalsStatisticsExport"

  1. Import
  2. Reader now connects with the corrent doors instead of connecting by serial number