Time and Attendance

Manage work resources more effectively and efficiently, control costs and provide better services


Today, organizations are under increasing pressure to improve productivity, manage work resources more effectively and efficiently, control costs and provide better services with fewer resources than ever before. The above requirements drive the organization to implement automated time and attendance systems, while also improving the management of human resources.

Most organizations agree that the immediate benefits of automating time and attendance management are the elimination of paperwork and streamlining of payroll processing. Additionally, automation can free the administrators, supervisors, payroll staff and employees to perform other functions.

For smaller businesses, we have developed a special time and attendance kit, while the larger systems use a similar hardware architecture, as in the case of an access control. The common elements of access control and time and attendance systems are identification means (e.g. contactless cards) and, in some cases, the software (e.g. Codeks).

T&A software

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Comparative table of applications for TIME & ATTENDANCE

NO MONTHLY FEES - when you purchase a licence there is no additional cost (month/year, etc.) Codeks TA Kit Codeks TA Kit EXP Codeks TA
T&A with simple working schedules
Advanced T&A with complex working schedules
For up to 40 employees
For up to 100 employees
Unlimited number of users
Setup of basic hardware parameters
Setup of advanced hardware parameters
Fixed working schedule
Flexible working timetable
Supports multiple working timetables
Fixed or flexible entry
Fixed or flexible exit
Exceptional entry or exit
Recording of lunch break, business and private exit intervals
Limitation of the duration of time intervals (e.g. 30 minutes for lunch break)
Automated termination of business and private exits
Basic working statistics
Creation of working statistic - advanced
Creation of multiple groups of employees with different working schedules
Additional time intervals in timetables (Automatic, Automatic Insert and Time Cut)
Supports multiple T&A points or T&A on more locations
Access to the application through web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)
Automated sending of the tables onto the controllers
Employees can check their own T&A data through web browser or smart phone
User friendly T&A and working statistics editor
Import of the names of the employees from Jantar V8 program or .csv file
Export of the working statistics (in Jantar format) from T&A into the payroll program as .csv file
On-screen display and print-outs of the reports (summary, detailed)
Creating and editing of user defined statistics
Additional setting by defining of starting and ending of the time interval
User defined selection of the statistics for the days off in working schedule
Setting up what is displayed on the T&A controller (show/hide balance, etc.)
Calendar for determination of work obligation
Import Commands function (it enables changes by other applications)
Export generator
Editing of work obligation history
The table lists only some of the features of the Codeks applications. Are you missing the one that would solve your problem? If you have any request or question don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions and find the right solution for you!

Moduls & Apps

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A comparative table of UPGRADING MODULES

NO MONTHLY FEES - when you purchase a licence there is no additional cost (month/year, etc.) Codeks TA Kit Codeks TA
USERS STATISTICS - Employees can check their own T&A data through web browser or smart phone
TA LEAVE ANNOUNCES - Allows users to send leave announcements to the Head of Department
TA PRESENCE MONITOR - Quick display of present or absent employees
LAYOUTS - Monitoring of live events on the map (alarms, registration ...)
E-PERMITS - Electronic permit for private and business exits of employees
FRONT DESK - Reception - Visitors management software
IP CAMERA - Integration of IP cameras into access control and T&A systems
SCREEN KEYPAD EDITOR - Keypad editor for touch screen controllers Regis
ELECTRONIC PURSE - Writing data on the protocol card
TA-UPG - Upgrade of the program Codeks TA Kit with advanced T&A functionality
ADV DATABASE - Configuration of software for use with advanced databases (MS SQL, Oracle)
In Jantar company we are constantly developing and upgrading our skills and offer. If the module that would suit your needs is not listed above, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you and find the solution for your problem!

Wiring diagrams


All wiring diagrams and documentation for old and new hardware and software can be found on Jantar FORUM.


Time and attendance registration is performed in the following manner: when employees enter or exit the company, they bring the proximity card to the time and attendance controller. When registering special events, they must first press the appropriate function button on the controller. The text shown on the controller's display enables the employee to immediately check whether the event has been correctly registered.

The registered data is transmitted onto a computer, which is connected with the controller through a communications converter. If the client also uses an access control system, the time and attendance controller (or several such controllers) may be included in the existing communications line as an additional controller.

The data are transmitted to a computer every time there is a connection established between the computer and the controller - always or occasionally. When the connection is not established, the registered data is saved in the controller's internal memory. Because its capacity is limited, the user must make sure that the data is transmitted in good time; otherwise there is a risk that part of the collected and registered data may be deleted.

The most important part of the system is the software which enables the entry of cards and modification of employee data, setting of time phrases, reviewing of registered data, the correction of data, arranging of printouts according to various criteria and the entry and changing of time phrases e.t.c. The data should be arranged by an authorized person (an administrator). If there are more administrators or they work in various locations, the system may be upgraded with net versions of the program (clients). In the more challenging technological and human resources environments, we can also upgrade the system with a web interface that enables employees to review their data, and administrators to work with the program even from remote locations.