With our key control and issuing systems you can implement control over the use of keys for the offices, buildings, equipment or cars. NEO Keymanager hardware in connection with access control software enables a simple and cost-effective solution for issuing and controlling keys. It is also built modularly which enables size adjustment of the system and subsequent expansion.


Master unit for the keymanager with or without protective doors

The master unit is the underlying building block of the key issuing system (installed underneath the key cabinet). It has a 40W power supply and additional space for a battery that powers the unit in an emergency. A reader, which is used for user identification, is installed on the front side of the master unit.
* Readers for installation on the master unit are sold separately.

NEO K-10-B

Panel with slots for 10 key tags

NEO K-10-B with slots for 10 key tags.
* The unit is sold without the tags which need to be purchased separately.


Set of 10 key tags

Set of 10 key tags with contactless tags, which the system uses for recognizing the key and the slot in which the tag must be placed. The keys are fastened to the tags with steel wire loops.
* Steel keyring wires and the tool for keyring crimping and cutting are sold separately.

NEO K-20-B, NEO K-40-B, NEO K-60-B

Key issuing units for up to 20, 40 or 60 keys, with metal doors

Cabinets with keys and protective metal doors are available in 3 sizes: for up to 20 keys (NEO K-20-B), for up to 40 keys (NEO K-40-B) or for up to 60 keys (NEO K-60-B). An appropriate number of NEO E-10-B panels is installed in the key cabinets based on customer’s needs.

Keymanager structure

NEO system consists of individual units which enable an adjustable configuration and simple subsequent addition of units:

  • master unit (NEO M-0-B) with power supply (40W),
    which manages the key issuing units,

  • key issuing unit (NEO K-10),
    each of them can store up to 10 keys,

  • RFID tags (TAGS NEO-3-D),
    which are placed on the keys to provide a physical protection against key theft since they are connected to the anti-theft warning system, contain the MIFARE DESFire chip (with a reading frequency of 13.56MHz), which provides the highest level of protection against misuse,

  • reader for user identification,
    installed onto the master unit (ordered separately – Rex O-3-B, Rex K-3-B or Regis H-3-B).

NEO system variants

NEO system is available in two variants:

Standalone Keymanager without protective doors

The standalone version consists of a master unit that supports up to 7 key issuing units (with 10 keys each).

Keymanager with protective doors

In the version with doors, the key issuing units are installed in the security locker with doors. There are different sizes of cabinets available: for up to 20, 40 or 60 keys.

Additional equipment