The Shifts is an add-on for the Codeks time and attendance software. The add-on is designed to be used by administrator users (department heads) to create and manage work shifts and assign users to specific shifts. The add-on also enables the notification of department heads about employee delays and errors in the registration of shift work in real time.

Codeks Shifts – Assigning users
You can add employees to shifts simply by clicking on a pre-prepared user list or by manually clicking users via the pop-up dialog window.
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The Codeks Shifts add-on allows you to create and edit shifts and schedule employees to these prepared shifts.
Shifts can also be set to determine the work obligation of the users and their permitted exits during work.
The Codeks Shifts add-on also enables informing department heads about the arrival of employees in the wrong shift or about a missing employee who did not come to work.
Shifts can be created and assigned to both lists and groups of employees as well as individual employees.
Assigned shifts to groups and individual employees can be changed in a controlled manner by using group and users revisions.
From the software version Codeks 10.2101.0.14796, users who are assigned individual shifts can select or change their allocated shift (timetable) themselves on the controller.