The Parking add-on is mostly suitable for the management of private parking lots, where there is a need to control the number of parking spaces available to individual customers, departments or families. It is intended to control access to the parking lots of private business buildings, smaller residential buildings, tourist apartments, etc.

Codeks Parking – Operating
The user drives-up to the parking lot gate and registers with his card at the card reader that reads the card and forwards the number to the controller, who in turn sends it to the Codeks application on the server. The server then sends back the appropriate response according to the user’s rights (i.e. if the user has the right to enter the parking lot) and the number of free parking spaces in the parking lot.
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The Codeks Parking add-on works by having the controller send the user’s card number to the server when the user registers at the reader at the entrance to the parking lot. The server then opens the gate if there are still free parking spaces in the parking lot reserved for the user and their co-workers.
The number of parking spaces available to individual users may be limited according to the department, group or list of users to which they belong.
The values of free parking spaces can also be subsequently manually corrected by a Codeks system administrator upon request.
* To use the new Codeks Parking Add-on you will need the Codeks V10 software version or newer.