Warning about the update license expiration

If you see a red text banner when you sign in to the Codeks application that writes “Warning! UpdatesLicenceExpiring – Updates license is about to expire May 2, 2021 …” or “Warning! UpdatesLicenceExpired – Updates license has expired May 2, 2021 …”, this means that your existing installed version of the Codeks software will continue to run UNINTERRUPTED and UNLIMITED, however, you will soon no longer be able to update your Codeks system to new versions of the software.

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Starting March no more free upgrades to Codeks V10

No more free upgrades to Codeks V10

The upgrade from the Codeks V9 to the Codeks V10 software version will only be free of charge until 28 February 2019. Starting March 2019 upgrades from Codeks V9 to the Codeks V10 will still be possible, however, users will be charged for both the upgrade and software.

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