NEW! Opening doors with Codeks Mobility

New versions of Codeks Mobility 3.1.4 for Android and Codeks Mobility 1.8 for iOS devices now include tools for opening doors via Bluetooth or Wifi.

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You can now include your employees’ mobile devices, which are our constant companions in modern times and are always at hand, in your Codeks access control system. Employees can now easily open doors within the company premises by clicking on the appropriate button in the mobile application.

Opening doors is now possible via a WiFi or Bluetooth connection between your employee’s mobile devices and the Jantar hardware.

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When a user initiates the opening of a door their request is sent via a WiFi or Bluetooth connection to the selected controller which checks the users access rights stored in it’s local memory and then opens the doors accordingly.

The new door opening functionality in the Codeks Mobility app can only be used simultaneously with the Codeks software version or newer for T&A systems and Codeks 10.2103.0.15031 or newer for access control systems.
Older versions of the Codeks software do not yet support this functionality in Codeks Mobility. When using older versions of the Codeks application the new version of Codeks Mobility will work in the same way as before.

You can get more general information on the Codeks Mobility mobile app on the presentation page of the add-on.