Codeks TA application is a tool for time & attendance control, although it also enables the creation of complex time and attendance systems in combination with access control. Codeks time & attendance software offers adjustable solutions for small businesses as well as larger systems with several buildings, dispersed locations and a large number of users. Codeks TA software is the perfect blend of user-friendliness and extreme reliability and adaptability.

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Web technologies

The software is based on web technologies. The applications can be accessed via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome).


Language can be adjusted according to the system administrator, user and location. You can also edit time zones and holidays based on different locations.

Cost-effective solutions

Fully functional, extremely reliable and affordable hardware and software.

Custom timetables

The Codeks software allows you to fully adjust time & attendance of your employees. The equipment supports both fixed and flexible work timetables. It allows to round up hours and create calenders for employees who work different shifts.

More registration locations

The software can monitor several communication lines as well as control and manage several access controllers. It is able to receive data from several points or locations for time & attendance recording (e.g. several entrances into the company or several branches).

Attendance and absence record

The equipment enables the recording of regular work, work-related, private and emergency exits, overtime and all types of standard absences. It also automatically calculates the corresponding number of compensations for lunch and drive to work.

Unlimited number of administrators

It is possible to define several system administrators, and the rights of individual administrators can be limited.

Employee access

Provided they have access rights, employees can review their own entries in the time attendance record via a browser.

History and revisions

The software records the history of each employee and group and enables the recording of changes made by administrators and department heads.

Overview of recent events

The special Monitor enables the overview of live events recorded in the system.

Reports and printouts

The recorded data can be printed in the form of different reports, while payroll calculation can be significantly simplified with a dedicated time & attendance print-out.

Functionality expansion with add-ons

Codeks TA can be upgraded with different Codeks add-ons and additional applications which expand the functionality of the basic application.


The Codeks software also enables the use of advanced Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle databases.
We recommend the use of advanced databases for large access control and time & attendance systems, which include a higher number of controllers, registration locations and more than 50 employees.

Codeks add-ons and additional applications

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Codeks TA Kit

Codeks AC

Codeks TA
TA Leave announces
Presence monitor
IP Camera
* only with an advanced database
Exports into payroll
Codeks Shifts
TA Weekly table view
Codeks Parking
Distance Table
Virtual Card
Virtual Controller
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