The Leave announces add-on expands the functionality of the basic application for time & attendance with tools for announcing daily absences of employees, confirming absences and managing replacements during absences.

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Employees access tools for announcing absence by logging in with their username and password through the User Login form.
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It is possible to define and announce different types of absences which can be fully customized to the time & attendance policy of your company.
It is possible to export announced absences into a payroll programme.
It is also possible to set up an absence announcement system where the absentee must determine which co-worker will replace him.
Employees may select the superior to whom they wish to send the leave request.
Superiors who can process the absence requests receive the notifications per e-mail.
Employees can announce different types of absences (last year’s leave, leave, paternity leave, etc.).
It is possible to notify several persons at the same time.
* Leave announcement is also possible via the Codeks Mobility app.