The Blocker application is entirely free. It enables simple access control with standalone access controllers (e.g. the Rex standalone controllers). It is intended for users who do not require advanced settings, e.g. private users or multi-residential buildings, commercial buildings, etc.

Blocker Hardware setup
In the Hardware setup tab, you can edit the communication settings as well as add controllers and readers.
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Simple programme installation

Installing the Blocker programme is simple and very quick. Simply start the installation file and follow the instructions.

Quick device configuration

Connecting the devices to the programme is fast and simple, while the software enables the connection of more controllers via the same communication line. The recorded data can be printed in the form of different reports.

Simple user management

The enrolment of users into the Blocker program is simple, while a simple import of a text or Excel file is also possible. With the help of the controllers, you will be able to read and assign cards to the relevant users. You can allocate users into different groups with limited access rights and thus control entry into the protected areas.

View events and reports

The program allows you to follow current events and record an event log. The event overview enables you to search through previous events or create a printout of events at any time.

Various devices

Blocker software can be linked to most Jantar controllers, including advanced controllers such as Populus P-2 or Populus P-4.