Codeks hotel software and hardware are designed to be used in small or medium-sized hotels. The Codeks software for hotels include tools for managing hotel reservations and tools for controlling access to hotel areas.

What do you need to implement access control in a hotel?

Jantar’s access control hardware for hotels is specially adapted to the requirements for safety and control of access to individual hotel rooms. In combination with our Codeks Apartment Kit or Codeks Hotel software, it enables the allocation of access rights to guests on request, manages the reservations of hotel rooms and gives and enables the status overview of hotel rooms.
The structure of the hotels’ access control system is based on the traditional advanced access control, where access readers are in housings separated from the main access controllers, which are located in secure control rooms or cabinets.

The operating principle of the hotel system

1. Guest check-in

Upon guest check-in, the receptionist activates their reservation and issues them a card (or other means) allowing them to access their hotel room.

Guest access rights are already prepared in the system, although they are only activated upon guest arrival and hotel check-in.

2. Enabling access – sending of access rights

After the guests check in, the server, where the Codeks Apartment Kit or Codeks Hotel software is running, initiates the sending of access rights for the relevant hotel rooms.

By granting guests access to individual hotel rooms, they also gain access to other common hotel areas such as dining room, parking lot, wellness, etc.

3. Guests’ entry into the hotel room

Upon arrival to the allocated hotel room, guests are already able to enter the room and use all hotel services in other common hotel areas.

By using special readers with a card holder, it is possible to manage the rooms’ electricity use and thus save electricity and simultaneously gain information about the guest’s presence in the room.