The Codeks Mobility mobile app enables employees to simply register their work hours with their smartphone or tablet, and also enables them to open doors.

Codeks Mobility Main tabs
The application consists of two main tabs: the Menus tab contains links to individual menus, and the Time attendance tab allows users to register their working hours directly from the mobile device.
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Mobile application for Android and iOS operating systems.
Enables employees an overview of own time & attendance as well as the time & attendance of their subordinates.
Time & attendance registration is also possible on remote locations in the field along with the recording of the location coordinates (only if you are also using the Virtual Card and Virtual Controller add-ons) .
Using the NFC function of mobile devices, the Codeks Mobility mobile app enables multiple users to register their T&A on the same device and also enables registering T&A events at locations equipped with an NFC card (sticker) for patrolling security personnel.
Option of an offline mode and saving of unsynchronised events when the user is unable to connect to the Codeks server. All registered events are stored in the application and are automatically transferred into the Codeks system when the connection is re-established.
The application supports the following functionalities of Codeks add-ons: TA Leave Announcement, Codeks ePermits and Codeks Reservations.
Enables opening doors using the mobile app.