Codeks Apartment Kit is a standalone application from the Codeks software family intended for use in small hotels or apartment complexes (recommended up to 10 rooms). Codeks Apartment Kit contains tools for managing hotel guests and reservations as well as tools for monitoring access to individual hotel rooms and public hotel spaces.

The Codeks Apartment Kit only supports special hotel hardware, specifically the REX K-3-H-4BNx and REX O-3-H-4BNx controllers, and the KIT H1-3-4BNx and KIT H2-3-4BNx hotel kits. It is also possible to use the Rex A-3-B, Rex O-3-B, Rex K-3-B, Rex O-3-A, Rex K-3-A, or Rex X-3-A controllers in combination with the Spider W5-B, Spider W40-B, Spider H20, or Spider H20-B power supply and communication converters for access control to the hotels common areas, e.g. entrance to the pool area.

Apartment Kit Rooms
The Rooms editor contains tools for setting up the structure of the hotel. Here you will set up hotel rooms and public hotel areas as well as connect all hardware devices used for access control within the hotel. The maximum recommended number of rooms or common areas that you can manage with the Codeks Apartment Kit software is 10.
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Web technologies

The software is based on web technologies. The applications can be accessed via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome).

Guest reservation

The application enables the input and monitoring of the occupancy data for rooms with reservations. Under the reservation entry, additional data on the guest who is the holder of the reservation can be recorded.

Miscellaneous access means

A number of different identification means, with which guests can enter their rooms, can be assigned to individual reservations. You can choose between cards, key tags and PIN codes, or allow guests to open the doors with a mobile app.

E-mail to guests

You can simply send an e-mail containing the reservation details and granted access to guests via the Codeks Apartment Kit app.

Access control

In addition to granting access to hotel rooms, the software enables you to limit and control access to the joint facilities and other buildings of your hotel, e.g. opening of the main entrance, parking lot, wellness, etc. The maximum recommended number of rooms you can manage with this software is 10.

Staff access

You can also define and edit access rights for your hotel staff and monitor for example when the personnel has access to individual rooms, while you can simultaneously grant them unlimited access to the hotel’s technical areas.


The data on guests and reservations can be printed in the form of different reports.

Mobile app

With the help of the Codeks KeyKeeper mobile app, you can enable your guests to unlock their allocated room via a WiFi or Bluetooth connection.