Lunch application enables the publishing of lunch menus, keeping a record of ordered and served lunches as well as ordering and distribution of lunches.

Codeks Lunch Interface for ordering lunches.
Users in the system Codeks can order lunches, published by the suppliers, on terminals with touch screen displays or via a web browser by using their username and password for the Codeks application.
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Application is intended for:
  • providers (suppliers) and chefs who offer and prepare lunches and
  • end users who order and eat the lunches.
Suppliers have a restricted access to the Codeks app which enables them to publish menus and access the lunch distribution interface.
Employees can order lunches via an online browser or a dedicated touch screen terminal.
Users may also order meals for potential daily visitors of the company.
As the employees come in to claim their lunch, the dedicated graphic interface shows the chefs who came for lunch and what they ordered.
The application also enables a printout of different reports in the form of a PDF document, table or text file.