Warning about the update license expiration

If you see a red text banner when you sign in to the Codeks application that writes “Warning! UpdatesLicenceExpiring – Updates license is about to expire May 2, 2021 …” or “Warning! UpdatesLicenceExpired – Updates license has expired May 2, 2021 …”, this means that your existing installed version of the Codeks software will continue to run UNINTERRUPTED and UNLIMITED, however, you will soon no longer be able to update your Codeks system to new versions of the software.

New software generation – new licensing policy

In March 2018, we launched a new generation of software for time and attendance (TA) and access control (AC) Codeks V10. In addition to the changed appearance of the user interface, many new functions, and new expansion modules, the new generation of software also brought with it a changed licensing policy for updates within the version, which until now were free, however, from March 2019 these updates are optional but payable.

On average, we release new Codeks software updates twice a month. We recommend that you make regular updates to the latest version, as this will ensure you have the current updates and improvements to the software as well as access to new functionalities. You can sign up for notifications about new software releases at this link.

Validity date for software update license and software versions

You can view the date until which you are eligible for Codeks software updates in the Codeks Administrator dashboard or in the Codeks Service Manager program. You can install a specific version of the software if it was released in the calendar month when you still had the right to update (for example, you were entitled to updates up till May 2, 2021, and the version was released on May 14, 2021) or if a bugfix of this version was later released.

For simplicity, the names of the versions of the Codeks software bear the month and year of issue in the name. This will allow you to easily find out if you are eligible to update your Codeks system with a particular version of the software.

Obtaining a new license for software updates

You can start the process of obtaining a new license for updates by sending an Update request document, which you can export in the Codeks application or the Codeks Service Manager program, and which contains information about your system, to one of our regional partners.

Instructions for exporting the document can be found here.

After confirming the order and payment, you will be sent a new license code for updates to your contact email address.

For more information contact one of our regional partners.